Julian Draxler: “I was surprised and a little angry.”

Speaking to German channel ZDF last night, PSG winger Julian Draxler gave a frank interview about his frustration of not being more involved in the two-legged affair against Real Madrid, especially when he was due to come on last night in the 2nd half before Emery changed his mind at the last minute.

“When we equalised, we needed to bring something else in. We needed to continue to push, to go forward. I do not know what happened, I was surprised and a bit annoyed. The goal at 1-1 changed nothing for us. I felt like we needed to continue to press and play attacking football. Real Madrid were playing slowly, calmly. We moved the ball around but you cannot win by just doing that. You need to put pressure on Real when you are losing 3-1, and not just play passes and hope that something falls from the sky. We deserve to go out. This summer, we spent €400m and everyone said that this was going to change things, but we failed.”



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