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Lacina Traoré accused of changing his name & age by an Ivorian club who claims signed him in 2005

RFI are reporting that the Ibrahim Koné, the President of Etoile Sportive d’Abobo, has informed them that current Monaco forward on loan at Amiens, Lacina Traoré, changed his identity and his age around 10 years ago.

Ibrahim Koné told the outlet:

“In 2005, I recruited Lacina Traoré who was then called Traoré Ménéné. Then, he was side by Stade d’Abidjan. And to my great surprise, he had changed his age and his first name. This problem has persisted for 13 years… it is not fair from in a sporting sense and this is why I am bringing a legal case against him.”

The problem? The Abobo team do not figure on Traoré’s official football passport and therefore never receive the 5% cut of transfer fees that is reserved for clubs that our responsible for developing players between the ages of 12 to 23 years, as indicated by FIFA rules.

Koné followed on:

“I know a lot of things that can prove that he did indeed play for our club. We need to find a solution. I am waiting for the federation to repair this injustice. If this is not resolved, I will take my case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.”


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