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Laurent Koscielny indicates that he feels let down by Didier Deschamps

Speaking in an honest interview with Canal +, Arsenal central defender Laurent Koscielny insinuated that France boss Didier Deschamps did not adequately support him following his achilles injury in the Europa League semi-final between Arsenal and Atletico Madrid that saw him miss out on the 2018 World Cup.

“He called me once for my birthday in September. Otherwise, no. Lots of people disappointed me. Not only the coach. It feels like a hit on the back of the head.”

On his international career:

“France’s World Cup victory did me a lot more psychological damage than my injury did me. I think that I have given everything I can for France, I am 33, I have done 2 Euros, 1 World Cup. France has a great generation of great players now. My injury does not change my decision. For Les Bleus, it is finished.”

On the psychological difficulties of dealing with an injury:

“When you are in good form, you have lots of friends. When you are injured… after a certain period of time, you are forgotten about.”

On mixed feelings about watching France during the World Cup:

“I wanted them to qualify for the next round, and at the same time I wanted them to lose. It is a selfish side… Certain people will say: “How could he want France to lose?” but that was my feeling in those particular moments.”


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