Lorient ordered to pay €8k in Vincent Aboubakar agent dispute

Our colleagues at WeSportFR have gone into depth on a legal dispute between between football agent Duro Ivanisevic and Ligue 2 club FC Lorient, dating back to summer 2016, when former Lorient forward Vincent Aboubakar moved to FC Porto. Ivanisevic has still not earned his commission for the Cameroonian international’s transfer. The first deliberation has just took place.

At the time, Aboubakar was 22 years old, and had just come off a 17 goal season in Ligue 1, thus catching the eye of many clubs including FC Porto. The three parties (Duro Ivanisevic, FC Porto and FC Lorient) found an agreement for the player to join the Portuguese club in the summer of 2014.

An agreement was found between both clubs for the acquisition of the player’s rights to be completed over three stages — with the last stage to be completed by FC Porto for approximately 10 million euros.

So, what happened? Duro Ivanisevic, who received a flat sum in 2014 during FC Porto’s acquisition of Aboubakar, has made it known that he is entitled to sum of money that was not paid during the final stage of the player’s acquisition. The former agent believes he is entitled to a six figure sum.

Following a statement from the vice-president and general director of Lorient, the club decided to disregard the amount they supposedly owed.

FC Lorient Managing Director Fabrice Bocquet, contacted by WeSportFR had the following to say:

“It is true that the company Kick and Rush led by Mr. Djuro Ivanisevic summonsed FC Lorient to claim a sum of 720,000 euros following Vincent Aboubakar’s transfer to FC Porto. FC Lorient refused to pay this sum because neither Mr. Djuro Ivanisevic nor his company Kick and Rush intervened to negotiate the transfer of the player. Kick and Rush’s request was based off email exchanges with the previous club owners.”

The legal procedure is now over and the courts have ordered Lorient to pay €8k to the agent, a victory for the Ligue 2 side.



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