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Lyon boss Bruno Génésio reacts to drawing Barcelona in the Champions’ League knockouts: “

Speaking to reporters ahead of Lyon’s Wednesday night Coupe de la Ligue clash with Amiens, manager Bruno Génésio reacted to the fact that his side would be facing Barcelona in the Champions’ League Round of 16.

On if they are the best team in Spain:

Yes, I think so.

On if Barcelona have the most sought after style of play:

With City now, because Guardiola took a lot of principles from the Barcelona school of though so yes it is a reference point. And it is a club with a history in European competition, in contrast to City who have never won anything.

On his team:

Each person will raise their game. When you are a little scared, which will be the case, we know that everyone will do a little more, and the team will perform even better. We have everything we need to win matches like this. The games against City show that we are capable of doing it, it is up to us to be aware of our capabilities. We will have to use that experience. It will also boost the squad, a real motivator for January & February for us.

On Lionel Messi:

Of course you can make plans, but sometimes with a player like Messi all the plans are foiled because he is such a genius that he is capable of undoing everything and everyone.

On his initial reaction:

This is why this competition is exciting, motivational. We will experience these types of matches, we have the opportunity to go up against one of the best in Europe. We will meet up with Sam Umtiti as well, which is great. We will have time to prepare ourselves.


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