Lyon President Jean Michel Aulas in full on Nabil Fékir’s future

Speaking to L’Équipe, Lyon President Jean-Michel Aulas discussed the future of captain Nabil Fékir.

“This summer we are trying to keep our best players, Nabil is a World champion, he is Lyonnais, we will be in the Champions’ League. It would be a bit of a shame if we could not keep him now… I saw him several times at Istra (France’s World Cup camp), and I did not get the impression that he absolutely wanted to leave. I want Nabil to stay, Bruno (Génésio) wants him to stay. I think there is a 90% chance that he will be at Lyon this season. If by the end of July he has not left, he will definitely stay… I think yes (he will stay). I have not spoken to him on the phone, but I see that he has left me a message, so I will call him back. For the moment, he is here, and when you see how well we played tonight…”

“We want to play a very good season, to give Bruno the necessary tools to do that, and the size of the offer will not change our position on Nabil, only what the player wants to do. Today the club is incredibly financially healthy, we will shortly announce exceptional financial results of the 30th of June. We have the means, and no player will leave against our will.”


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