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Mario Balotelli moans on the quality of his Nice team-mates to Patrick Vieira: “We couldn’t string two passes tougher… I don’t have words.”

In a scene caught by Interieur Sport reporters between Mario Balotelli and Patrick Vieira in a documentary to be aired by Canal + later today, the Italian forward takes his frustration out on his team-mates following a training exercise.

“We couldn’t string two passes together. It is difficult to play like this. We are doing an exercise… I don’t have words. There are 4 metres between us all and I had just 4 good passes in 20 minutes of work. Today for example, I missed a shot. I kicked the ball over, which is not good. I am angry because I want to score. They (team-mates), they miss and say to themselves: “It will go in the next time.” No, f*** off! If you miss, you get angry. I want to be playing in those teams again (top European sides).”

Vieira responded:

“I know, but it is still possible. But you need the help of your team-mates. And to receive this help, you have to be an example, you need to be the one who shows the others that in order to do well, you have to apply yourself.”


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