Mario Balotelli tells all in interview with OGC Nice TV

Mario Balotelli gave an interview to OGC Nice TV about his protracted summer transfer window.

On his future:

“To be honest, where we finished last year, I had the intention to leave and the club knew it. At the end of the last season no, I wouldn’t have imagined that I would be here.”

“[I decided to stay] because the atmosphere has always been good, my life here has been good, the club is good, team-mates are good, I find myself very good over here. I have one more year, so in the end, I decided to stay. It is my choice because, first of all nobody tells me what to do, I do what I want and I do what I feel is right. Always respecting everyone, but the final decision in my career is always mine.”

“I had 5 offers. Concrete. And I waited, waited… and in the end I decided to stay, but I guarantee that I could have left very easily. I spoke with the President and Patrick (Vieira), the proposition they gave me was good. I spoke to my agent and I said to him: “I am staying for another season.””

On Patrick Vieira:

“Certainly. He changed my decision by 80%.”

On Marseille:

“I had a proposition from Marseille. I spoke with them, I have a good relation with the coach of Marseille. It was one of the five clubs. I don’t know why it came out that it was only Marseille, so everyone was saying: “Mario is going to Marseille.” I never said anything. I just had proposition, like I had propositions for other teams.”

On Nice’s rivalry with Marseille:

“For me, I look after my career to be honest. I am sorry if the fans are sad. It is part of my job and I can’t really do nothing. All I can say is that when I am in Nice, I will give everything for Nice, but one day I am not going to be here, that’s normal. Nice this year is not playing in Europe, I want to play in Europe, Marseille are playing in Europe. That’s why I took Marseille as a chance for a team where I can go, to play in Europe, nothing to do with the supporters. I look for what is best, in the end I stay here.”

On an offer from China:

“I had a big offer of money from China, very big. I said no. Not for now. I love to play football and I think that my objective is that these two years are very important, because I want to play the European Championships with my national team. If I go to China, that would be difficult. That’s also why I, not refuse, but prefer to wait to go to China. Because I love to play football. Money… will come later.”


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