Mini-Revolution in French football announced: change to fixture scheduling, Hawk Eye adopted, transfer windows maintained

The French governing body, LFP, have announced a mini-revolution in French football this evening with a series of sweeping changes.

First off, the LFP have announced the dates for the next 2 French transfer windows:

Summer Window: Saturday 9th June to Friday 31st August

January Window: Tuesday 1st January to Thursday 31st January

The interesting take-away in this regard is that French football has decided not to follow the Premier League and others in closing the summer window before the season begins.

In addition, a new schedule for Ligue 1 matches from 2020/21 onwards has been announced:

Friday @ 21:00 – 1 match

Saturday @ 17:00 – 1 match

Saturday @ 21:00 – 1 match

Sunday @ 13:00 – 1 match

Sunday @ 15:00 – 4 matches

Sunday @ 17:00 – 1 match

Sunday @ 21:00 – 1 match

The aim of this move is to increase attendances with a series of Sunday afternoon games, in an announcement that has largely been welcomed by French football fans.

Finally, following a series of goal-line technology mishaps, the LFP has cancelled its contract with GoalControl, and have announced this evening the signing of a contract with Hawk-Eye until the end of the 2021/22 campaign. Hawk-Eye will be used to implement VAR and as a goal-line technology outlet in Ligue 1 from the beginning of next season.

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