Mino Raiola on Paul Pogba: “I think that France does not like its heroes.”

Speaking in an exclusive interview with RMC, agent Mino Raiola discussed the criticism that his client Paul Pogba constantly faces.

“I do not understand it. Maybe it is because if they did not talk about him and the great players, then they would have nothing to talk about. It is often unfair. I think that the country should be proud to have players like Paul, and also like Blaise. And not always critics them. The player himself knows that he needs to constantly improve. He knows that nothing is ever enough. That is normal. But it would also be nice to be a bit more positive… I thank that France does not like its heroes. There is a lot of envy, jealousy. These players are truly representing their country, their team, in a perfect way. I do not see why one needs to criticise them. They could shine, be in the history of football. You should be proud to have players like that in the French national team.”



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