Montpellier striker Andy Delort arrested last night for insulting a police officer following a car chase

Midi Libre report that Montpellier striker Andy Delort was arrested last night for insulting a police officer after being involved in car chase.

Delort was arrested in the early hours of this morning as a passenger in his own 4×4, which was being driven by someone without a licence.

The drive sought to evade police, bringing him to drive dangerously and incredibly quickly.

Initially, the driver refused to stop the vehicle and was driving under the influence of alcohol.

When he did stop, Montpellier forward Andy Delort abused police officers, shouting profanity which included: “I don’t give a f***, I earn €150k a month.” Delort also threatened a police officer.

Delort, who was heard this morning by police and prosecutors, could be charged with making threats to persons of authority.

His friend is also facing criminal action for driving under the influence, without a licence, reckless driving and refusing police orders.


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