Nabil Fékir’s entourage hoping “that Liverpool will salivate again”

France Football confirm in this week’s edition a narrative accepted in France about Nabil Fékir’s failed move to Liverpool earlier this month.

The magazine reports that Liverpool did attempt to renegotiate a previously agreed €65m deal with Lyon after Fékir’s medical – the Frenchman did have a 5-year contract agreement with the Reds, but the deal still fell through.

The outlet confirms that Liverpool’s concerns lay with the September 2015 ACL injury that Fékir suffered, but also with the two operations to tidy up the cartilage that he underwent in August 2016 and March 2018.

Despite Liverpool’s hardened negotiating stance post-medical, Fékir’s entourage were still open to talks with the Reds, but Lyon President Aulas cut that possibility up when he formally announced the end of discussions with LFC just before France travelled to Russia for the World Cup.

The player still wants to leave and has put his agent, Bernès, “under great pressure” to make a move away from Lyon happen this summer, with Aulas recently confirming approaches from Real Madrid.

Aulas is not against keeping Fékir for another season at all, quite on the contrary, with Lyon’s books in a excellent position post last summer’s Alexandre Lacazette sale (€53m) and the recent departure of 16-year-old forward Willem Geubbels to Monaco (€20m).

Fékir’s entourage is hoping that the Lyon captain, whose contract with OL runs until 2020, will get the chance to perform well at this World Cup, so to open up new, other opportunities and “make the Reds salivate again”.

Atletico Madrid heavily considered a move for Fékir, before deciding to sign Thomas Lemar instead.


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