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Neymar furious at Marseille fans throwing projectiles at him last night

Speaking in the mixed zone following PSG’s 2-0 victory over Marseille in Le Classique, Neymar complained about the objects that the OM faithful were throwing in his direction throughout the duration of the match.

“I think it is a lack of respect. Not just for me, but also for the Marseille players and for football. It is not ok, that should not happen. Those who are in charge of French football, not just the referees, need to take decisions. This should not be happening. Each time I come here, this happens. It is dangerous… They threw a bottle. If that had hit my head, it could have cut me, that is dangerous. It is not normal and I hope that the authorities will take swift action.”

Neymar also commented on manager Thomas Tuchel’s decision to sanction Kylian Mbappé & Adrien Rabiot for turning up late to a team meeting:

“The sanctions were handed down, they know it and I am not their manager. There are timetables that need to be respected and they did not do that, but they know what they are capable of. They are great players, very important for our team. We suffered in their absence, but it is an internal problem. We were by their side and, in the end, Kylian came off the bench to change the game.”



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