Paul Pogba beginning “to regret his return to Manchester United”

L’Équipe report that Paul Pogba is regretting his decision to return to Manchester United, owing to his currently difficult relationship with manager José Mourinho.

The French newspaper reports that following intense discussions with the Portuguese manager, Pogba is beginning to question Mourinho’s style of play, especially when he compares it to the football currently being played by other European major powers. In other words, he is disappointed with Manchester United’s football, which in part explains his frustration.

Having arrived at the club 18 months ago, Pogba had been promised that Manchester United would rebuild itself into a European superpower, which is the vision he sold to some of his French international team-mates, notably Antoine Griezmann, who he tried to convince to join him last summer.

But over the last few months, that vision clearly remains an ambition rather than a reality. This realisation on the part of Pogba and his camp, has begun for the first time in the Frenchman’s career to see him raise questions.

Does this bring into question his immediate future at Manchester United? No. Because Pogba knows that it would be impossible to join another club so quickly after a seismic move to the Premier League which is tied up in enormous marketing deals.

But it is clear that he is beginning to ponder the counter-factual, what if he had moved elsewhere, with Real Madrid still and always a dream of his.


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