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Paul Pogba explains that he “was never annoyed with journalists”

Speaking in an interview with the AFP, French international and Manchester United central midfielder Paul Pogba elaborated on his relationship with the press and how Didier Deschamps has aided him in this regard.

“He gave me good advice to not block the relationship you have with journalists, the world, the fans. Because otherwise, you could have this image that “he does not want to speak, because he is annoyed.” But that is not it at all. The coach spoke with me, he helped me on that. And now, I think that I am a bit more open, I express myself a little more. As you didn’t see me speaking much, you were transfixed on this image of me that is not really mine. I have never been annoyed by journalists, it is just that I did not want to speak. I would say to myself “there is no point in speaking.””



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