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Paul Pogba on 2018: “I was thinking a lot about my father. I brought the cup back for him.”

Speaking in an interview with Téléfoot last Sunday, Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba looked back on 2018.

On his favourite football memory of 2018:

I don’t have to think very hard. Obviously it was the World Cup, which we brought home.

On one moment of the Russia World Cup journey:

One moment that I would call crucial was when all the players got together and had our own campfire. We had our music playing, and we would talk and talk. We sat there imagining winning the World Cup. Not every day, but yes (between matches). I miss those moments.

On his World Cup final goal:

I wouldn’t say my most beautiful goal in 2018, but the most memorable. It will stay in my head. Seeing the French public celebrate our victory, that is what most left a mark on me.

On something said by his family members in 2018 that had a profound impact on him:

I was thinking a lot about my father. When I was younger, we watched the 1998 final together. He died. I thought of him, I was bringing the cup back for him, even if he is no longer there. I looked up to the sky and brought him the cup.

On being one of the most favoured people in France:

I didn’t know that was the case, but it is always nice to hear things like that. If people like you, that’s the motivation to do what we do for the supporters, fans and children above all and people who are in love with football. I try to be myself the entire time and I think they like that. So I am very happy for that.


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