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Pogba says France can go all the way in the World Cup, but would need media and public support

Paul Pogba is of the opinion that France have every potential to go all the way and win the FIFA World Cup 2018. During a recent interview to the press, he requested the French public as well as media to support them, rather than criticise them at every step.

France will soon be travelling to Russia and are being touted as huge favourites to win the World Cup. Pogba’s optimism isn’t surprising because on paper, they have the strongest squad in the competition. Coach Didier Deschamps is also very confident about their chances. He feels that the balance of the World Cup squad comes before everything else.

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Didn’t have an easy qualifying

Despite their solid strength, France didn’t have a very easy qualifying. They lost to Sweden before Luxembourg successfully and surprisingly held them to a goalless draw. Hence, they have had a string of not too promising performances.

Loss to Colombia in a friendly

The French team’s recent 3-2 loss to Colombia in a home friendly game, in which they had led 2-0 at one point, has increased the scepticism of people who had earlier thought of backing them all the way.

The team’s attitude has been questioned extensively both by the public as well as the media. However, Pogba is highly confident that he along with teammates have everything in them to win the second FIFA World Cup for their country.

Pogba’s take on media and public

When asked if France team handed a net to be the potential World Cup winners, Pogba replied, “Of course!” Talking to the press he stated, “We have the players, we have everything. It’s not just the players, you need a team. We have a good team too, but we need to work still, by playing matches like that. Against strong teams we have very good results, but against the not so strong teams, it’s been a bit more difficult. We have to learn from games like that.”

“At the World Cup, it’s going to be very, very difficult, everyone has to be ready for that. It’s not because we’re France that we’re going to win every game 5-0,” he further said.

Paul Pogba has in fact been the primary target for criticism by the general public and the media. The Manchester United player appealed to the public, to get behind them, and emphasised the importance of unity, suggesting that the football journalists in France could play a huge positive role in the success of the team.

He also mentioned that he doesn’t look at the media coverage often and believes it’s their job to write about the team, whether good or bad. But it’s the team that’s on the pitch and if they play well, they’d win, else they’d lose. He said the media does its job and they do theirs.


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