PSG found not to infringe Financial Fair Play Regulations – no sanctions from UEFA

The CFCB Investigatory Chamber has, after 5 days of intense debate, found PSG not guilty of infringing Financial Fair Play regulations, but the club will have to raise €60m before the end of June, according to L’Équipe.

RMC in the meantime cite UEFA sources who tell them that PSG only need to raise €40m, €20m less than initially reported.

The investigative body assessed PSG’s commercial partnership contracts with Qatari bodies intensely, and found that Les Parisiens had over-valued some of these deals, notably its one with the Qatar Tourism Authority.

The body has classed PSG’s case as “remaining under scrutiny” for coming seasons, but they will not be sanctioning Les Parisiens this year.

However, crucially, the investigation centred around Les Parisiens’ accounts for 2015, 2016 and 2017, not 2018, which is the financial year where PSG spent €145m + €35m on Kylian Mbappé and €222m on Neymar, according to L’Équipe. Those purchases fall into this financial year, which closes at the end of August, meaning that PSG are more likely to face punishment this time next year.


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