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PSG have concluded a deal for Juan Bernat with Bayern Munich… but will they sign off?

RMC announced this morning that left-back Juan Bernat has now agreed to a 3-year provisional contract with PSG, after Les Parisiens agreed a €15m fee with Bayern Munich to sign the player yesterday.

All the remains for Les Parisiens to do is to conclude the deal, but they are holding it up for two reasons:

1 | They remain in the market for targets at left-back that are higher up their shortlist

2 | As reported by Romain Molina this morning, yesterday an important meeting between UEFA and PSG took place in Doha, with the latter seeking clarification on their FFP situation, so that they can know whether or not they can spend the money they received from the sale of Gonçalo Guedes to Valencia without further infringing the regulations. After that meeting, they are still waiting for further clarification on whether or not they can attempt to make a “bigger signing” or not.


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