Sadio Mané on cleaning toilets in a mosque: “I didn’t want him to post the video.”

Speaking in an interview with L’Équipe, Liverpool winger Sadio Mané was asked about a recent social media video that went viral in which he is seen helping to clean toilets in a mosque.

“I am a Muslim, I pray 5 times a day and, whenever I can, I go to the mosque to do it. One time I went, and, over there, I found a very good friend, a Ghanaian. I invited him to come back to mine to drink tea with me and he said to me: “No, I need to work, I have to clean the toilets of the mosque.” I told him that we would do it together. When we were doing it, someone filmed us, and I asked him not to post the video. He promised me that he wouldn’t and, the next day, it was on the internet. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter…”


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