The France players went to a nightclub on Sunday night after their win over Argentina

BeIN Sports reported last night that the French national team staff authorised for some of the squad to go to a Moscow nightclub last week Sunday following the side’s victory over Argentina.

The players were transported from the base in Istra in buses with tinted windows in order to ensure discretion, dressed elegantly, to a nightclub in northwest Moscow.

The players came back at 03:00 am in the morning from their night out to Istra, only to start a water-fight using fire extinguishers. Which was a mistake, as it set of fire alarms in the entire hotel, waking up the entire French Football Federation staff.

In order to abide by fire protocols, everyone within the building were forced to congregate in the hall, bringing members of staff out of their bedrooms in their pyjamas. Didier Deschamps himself was not impressed by being woken up in the middle of the night.

As a precaution, a fire engine came out to the base-camp, before quickly returning to central Istra after understanding that there was no fire risk involved.

Les Bleus’ victory over Uruguay proves that this incident did not have any severe impact on the end result.


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