Thiago Silva: “It is not the manager’s fault. It is the players who play.”

Speaking to reporters following PSG’s elimination from the Champions’ League, club captain Thiago Silva sought to shift blame away from manager Unai Emery.

“The road was difficult for everyone. We had a lot of things in our heads. It was not enough what we did today. It is a shame after the competition we had produced up until now. It is hard for us, the fans. We need to concentrate in coming out of this situation. Changes, now is not the right time to talk about that. But it is not the manager’s fault. Those that play are the players. He had to make difficult choices. It is not his fault. We stand together with him. We need to continue, to pick ourselves up and continue. That is life, football is like that. I do not know what needs to be changed, we will have to see with the President. We cannot say that the players were walking on the pitch but it is true that the should have given more. Neymar and his father said that he will stay. We will see after the World Cup.”



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