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Thierry Henry: “Not the dream scenario.”

Speaking to reporters following AS Monaco’s 2-1 loss against Strasbourg last night, Thierry Henry discussed his first match as a football manager.

On the defeat:

We tried to put something into place that would work, and we concede this goal that I don’t need to describe (goalkeeper Sy with a big fumble). It was human error. We reacted, they saved some efforts of the line… When you concede a goal like that, it is not easy, especially in our situation. It was easier for Strasbourg to go on the counter-attack. At half-time, we re-structured things but unfortunately, Sam (Grandsir) was sent off. I want to underline the fact that he did not do this on purpose, but I do not want to enter into debates about refereeing.

After that, it is harder, we tried to play with 10. We should have tried to contain their attacks instead of going after them. It is not the dream scenario, but I have to stay positive.

On what he was impressed with:

We tried to force Strasbourg to stay penned in and to stop them from countering, but it was difficult at 0-1. We were stretched, we need to be able to deal with these moments. When you concede, even if I am not trying to attack my goalkeeper, it is not easy, but I saw encouraging signs.

On how he felt:

I just want to say something, which has nothing to do with the match: thank you to the Strasbourg fans for their welcome, which I did not really expect. During the match, I could see what we were trying to put in place, and there was a goal for Strasbourg. I thought that we had scored two or three times, I felt pretty much everything in this match, and the first defeat… I will remember what we did well.

On whether he regretted starting Falcao, who walked off injured in the 37th minute:

This is not the first time that he has come back from an international break… There is always a risk when you come back from national duty, I really don’t have any regret.


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