Thierry Henry on the infamous World Cup qualifier handball incident: “The collateral damage hurt the most.”

Speaking in an interview with Canal Plus, French football legend Thierry Henry discussed the infamous handball incident against Ireland in a World Cup qualifying play-off match in 2009.

“I reacted like an athlete. In my shell, and moved on. The problem is that sometimes, the shell breaks, and your friends are affected. Your father is affected, your mother is affected, your brothers are affected, your kids are affected, whoever it may be. That’s when it becomes difficult. But when you try to move past it because you’re strong and because you’ve struggled in the past, and you get a phone call saying “Oh did you see what they said?!” Regardless of what it may be. “Oh he’s not good anymore! Oh he’s done this, he’s done that.” You continue to get calls. And ultimately, you find yourself in a situation where you’re not well for others, but it’s in regards to you. The collateral damage hurts the most.” 



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