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Thierry Henry reacts to Monaco’s 1-0 loss to Reims: “My players are refusing to play.”

Speaking at a post-match press conference last night following AS Monaco’s 1-0 loss to newly promoted side Reims, Thierry Henry detailed a crippling lack of confidence on the part of his players as the reason why his ideas are not being implemented.

“Reims won basically all the duels. When we were at 11 vs 10, we really weren’t in the match at all. Then we get a red card of our own and penalise ourselves completely on our own. This was more worrying than on previous occasions because we do not produce any football. This evening was not about tactics, it was about a lack of desire. If you don’t win any duels, then its difficult to win a football match. I understand our fans’ frustration. This is a delicate situation. When you enter the pitch and your players involuntarily refuse to play, it is difficult. We have to find our confidence again. I would not have come to Monaco if I did not think that there was quality in this team.”



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