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Thomas Tuchel plays up the quality of Ligue 1: “It is very difficult to control opposition attacks.”

Speaking in a recent press conference, PSG boss Thomas Tuchel was asked about whether the so-called low quality of Ligue 1 has an adverse effect on his team’s preparation for the Champions’ League.

“No, no, no. We have our own limits. The bar is very high. That is our challenge. It is not easy to win. Ligue 1 is not a problem for us. I am not of this opinion and I have already said that several times. If you think that it is too easy, it is maybe our team that makes things easy. It is the quality of each player in our team. This is not an easy situation at the beginning of the season, following a not easy pre-season. That is why it is great that we have started well.”

“We have been also able to see the difficulties we have had in certain matches. We have this new challenge vs. Nice and then we will be ready for the Champions’ League. My impression is that this is a very physical league. In each team, there are very quick attackers, with a lot of speed and stamina. As a result, it is very difficult to control opposition attacks. We like to have the ball, and that is a challenge. It is very balanced. There are teams like Monaco, Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Toulouse and Nice who are at a high level.”



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