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William Gallas reveals that José Mourinho attacked his private life when he was at Chelsea

Speaking to RMC Sport, William Gallas shared an anecdote of a team meeting at Chelsea under José Mourinho, when the manager attacked the French defender’s private life.

“We are playing against Middlesbrough, I get injured within 10 minutes. 10 days later, we had a match in the Champions’ League against Barcelona. The day after this defeat, we had a meeting, and he attacked everyone. He attacks everyone because we lost this match (vs Middlesbrough)… At one point, he was in the process of attacking Frank Lampard, who was his son at the time… I started to laugh, but Mourinho was behind me so he couldn’t see me. Then he turns to me he says “William are you laughing.” I say “no I am not.” Then he says: “Well yes, I cannot say anything to you because you only played 10 minutes.” I said to him: “I am not laughing coach.” Then he goes: “You are one of the best players at the moment, but off the pitch you need to address your private life.” I go: “What do you mean.” He says: “You go out a lot.” I say: “How do you know?” and he goes: “I will see if in 10 days you will be fit to face Barcelona.” I said: “No worries coach, I will be.” Everyday after that we had 3 training sessions in the build-up, the day of, I do a test, I am fit, I look at him and say coach, I can play.”


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