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Emmanuel Eboué tells surreal anecdote from Galatasaray vs Besiktas game

Speaking on RMC, former Arsenal and Galatasaray full-back Emmanuel Eboué discussed a rather interesting encounter that he had when playing for the Turkish giants against Besiktas.

“Against Besiktas, for Arsenal it was better [than when I was playing for Gala]. I was playing against Ricardo Quaresma, and he was one of the best players there, yes at Besiktas yes. He was not able to do what he was usually does. Usually he has time on the ball, but this time around I side no, when he goes, I will go. Then people started insulting to me. There was a throw-in and then into my back I had the Besiktas supporters. One youngster, came down from the stands, and walked down, and I didn’t know. Then I am about to take the throw and Felipe Melo screams at me: “Manu be careful!” I said what? I turn around, and this young kid has his fist clenched ready to punch me. I see him and he hits me. Then the coach switches my flank, so I go and play at left-back. The other supporters then started shouting at me, people around me were saying Manu please calm down. I was like what? I am just playing football… What surprised me was people were throwing things and then a guy pissed in a bottle and then threw it at me. I said hang on a minute, people were bringing glass bottles of vodka and throwing them at me. And everyone said around me that I did not have a right to complain!”


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