7 Roulette Variations You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games, but as with any game, once you know the rules you start to look for something different to make the game more exciting. The good news is that there are variations to roulette that mean you can continue to play your favourite game, but with the novelty of a new twist. Here are seven versions you might not be aware of.

Alphabetic Roulette

In this variation, you replace the numbers you’re used to seeing on the wheel with letters of the alphabet, giving you 25 possibilities for single letters. The game also features six different colours, with four letters corresponding to each colour. You do also have the option of getting a Y or Z, but these spaces aren’t coloured. You can bet on individual letters, or two, three or four letters, as well as certain combinations for words.

Back 2 Back Roulette

This is a variation with an optional side bet on your lucky numbers. If the number hits twice in a row, you win 1200 to 1 on your bet.

Diamond Roulette

This game adds a colourful edge to the mix, whereby instead of just red, black and green, the Diamond Roulette table also features, blue, yellow and purple. Each colour corresponds to six numbers, so players can bet on a certain colour which pays out at 5 to 1. At a table with two zeros, the player can also bet on a combination of a single colour and the zeros.

Double Action Roulette 

This is a slightly more complex variation of the standard roulette game – instead of having a single wheel, there are two wheels, with one inside the other. The ball then lands in a slot between the wheels which results in two numbers per spin. Players can bet on numbers on one of the wheels or on both for a parlay. While single bets have similar payouts to traditional roulette, parlay bets have more interesting payouts of between 3 to 1 and 25 to 1, especially using casino offers can pay out a lot more.

Double Ball Roulette

This version is identical to standard roulette in every way except for the fact that it uses two balls instead of just one. If you place an outside bet, both balls have to win for you to be considered a winner, but for inside bets, either ball counts as a win. The payout doubles if both balls land on the inside bet.

Prime Time Roulette

In this fame, there is an optional side bet on the 11 prime numbers on the wheel and the bet pays out depending on how many times in a row the prime number appears. The side bet is lost if it lands on a non-prime number.

Rapid Roulette 

Instead of placing chips on the table, with this version players place their bets using an electronic interface that adds a digital edge to the game. While it’s still fun, it doesn’t have the same classic feel as normal roulette but is great for mixing things up from time to time.


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