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A drug dealer was pretending to be French referee Clément Turpin

L’Équipe revealed today that for several years a group of drug traffickers have been using Champions’ League referee & Frenchman Clément Turpin’s identity as a cover.

A group of organised criminals are suspected by the judicial police of Versailles for using cars to transport drugs between Belgium and France. A specific vehicle was traced and uncovered, which was registered to a certain Clément Turpin, born on March 14, 1982.

Obviously, the car did not belong to the referee, whose date of birth is May 16th 1982. The photo on the ID of the individual who owned the vehicle did not match what the football official looks like.

The authorities eventually tracked down the relevant gang leader – the fake Clément Turpin – and arrested him on 10th December 2018 in Paris. They also uncovered an arsenal of weapons in the car including a rocket launcher, assault rifle and machine guns, as well as €1.2m in cash and luxury watches.

These football fan drug dealers used the name Mbappé to label their stocks of cannabis.

Contacted by L’Équipe, the real Clément Turpin joked: “As I often say, the world of refereeing is a highly risky business.”


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