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Abou Diaby on what he would say to Dan Smith, who kickstarted his injury troubles in 2006

Speaking in an interview with RMC last night following the his announcement that he had decided to retire from professional football at the age of 32, Abou Diaby was asked about what he would say to Dan Smith, the full-back who in 2006 when playing for Sunderland is widely regarded as being at fault for kickstarting Diaby’s injury troubles with a horrible tackle.

“(Joking) Thanks for ruining my career. No I am joking. I have not come across him again and honestly I am without bad feeling towards him. I was told that he apologised, but I did not see the excuses in real time. I accept it because this is sport at the highest level, and things like this can happen, sometimes the game can be violent. I suffered this violence then. I accept it like that and I do not hold on to hate. This is my life, my story, it is just like that.”


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