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Alleged match-fixing in last weekend’s Ligue 1 match between Caen & Angers

The LFP are investigating allegations of match-fixing made by EA Guingamp against their relegation battle rivals SM Caen before the latter side’s 1-0 defeat against Angers on Saturday evening.

EA Guingamp President Bertrand Desplat was informed of the possibility of match-fixing being set to occur in this game by his own players, and then alerted the LFP to possible irregularities before the match occurred.

This triggered Article 3 of the disciplinary regulatory code of the LFP and the governing body have now begun an investigation into the claims.

Caen claimed in a statement that these suspicions came from supposed conversations between Angers & Guingamp players:

“Stade Malherbe Caen was contacted by phone on Saturday afternoon by the LFP, personally by its Director General, to discuss exchanges that were had between players of Angers SCO and EA Guingamp.”

“The LFP disciplinary commission have opened an investigation that should determine what was behind EA Guingamp’s decision to call the LFP before the match between Caen and Angers. We deplore these behind-the-scenes games, that they are voluntarily taking part in,” the statement continued.

Caen manager Rolland Courbis explained how he came to hear of the situation in an interview with L’Équipe this morning:

“We were warned by our president, Gilles Sergent. It was maybe 14:00 (on Saturday). The president explained to us that the league told him that Bertrand Desplat (Guingamp president) called them to say that one of his players heard that Caen players and Angers players had discussions a few days before the match.”

Caen have prior history with match-fixing – in 2014, the club was part of an investigation over the match-fixing of Nîmes vs. Caen in Ligue 2 in May. Jean-François Fortin, then president of the Normandy club, was sentenced to a 15 months suspended sentence in prison for passive corruption.

In total, 6 people were charged in that case, with penalties ranging from an 8-month suspended prison sentence to 18 months in prison.


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