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Alphonse Areola & Presnel Kimpembe targeted specifically by Neymar – Le Parisien

Le Parisien report that the situation in the PSG dressing room is currently rocky, following the public outburst by Neymar after the Coupe de France final in which he criticised PSG’s younger players for not listening to the more experience heads.

“We need to be more like men in the dressing room, more together. I see a lot of younger players who are, not necessarily lost, but they lack more ear than mouth. They need to listen more than they talk. Sometimes when a more experienced guy speaks, they answer back. When the coach speaks, they answer back. This is not how a team will go far. We are more experienced, so they must respect us some more, listen more. I did the same when I was starting out.”

The newspaper claims that the subjects of Ney’s frustration were specifically Alphonse Areola and Presnel Kimpembe. The Brazilian believes that the pair have very little reason to being taking a new attitude to football after their World Cup win owing to the very small role that they both played in it, compared to someone like Kylian Mbappé, who made vital contributions.

At PSG, Thomas Tuchel was angry at this outburst, saying in yesterday’s press conference: “What he said, he should have said internally, not externally.”

The German totally agrees with Neymar’s view and regularly complains about the attitudes of the youngest members of the squad: “The only thing that I can say is that there are players who love to win and others who hate losing. It is very different, because everyone loves to win but only a few players hate to lose. We need a lot of players who hate to lose and who show that everyday.”

There is a clear divide in the dressing room between the Brazilians and the Europeans, with the latter viewing the former as receiving preferential treatment from the club.

Tuchel ended his press conference yesterday by touching on the inherent problem with PSG’s season:

“It is important to be honest with ourselves. We lost a match after having lead it 2-0, we lost against Manchester after a 2-0 victory. It is difficult to produce our best performance if we feel too sure of ourselves. There are lots of things that we need to think about.”


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