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Amiens boss Christophe Pélissier admits he would love to manage St Étienne

Speaking in an interview with Poteaux-Carrés, current Amiens manager Christophe Pélissier discussed his future.

“I am coming to the end of my contract on 30th June. There are no discussions currently with the club (Amiens). So long as we are not safe from relegation, there will not be any discussions. I have a desire, which is to continue to manage at Ligue 1 level next season. At Amiens, that could be a possibility. Elsewhere maybe also. Aside from that, to have more financial means, and well yes, I would like from a personal perspective if possible to go to the next level. Managing Les Verts (St Étienne) would be a dream. But it is still difficult to envisage, it is more utopic. We say that you should always have dreams in life. That for me is of course a dream.”



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