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Angel di Maria: “I signed a new deal because I want to stay here.”

Speaking in an interview with Canal Football Club, PSG attacking midfielder Angel di Maria discussed why he has decided to remain at PSG.

On PSG’s exit in the Champions’ League against Manchester United:

It is very simple. We were a different team that night. We put in an exceptional performance in the 1st leg, we pressed, we showed intensity, we had a fantastic character. And we didn’t give Manchester a chance, not a chance… I think it was the stress and this thing in the back of our minds that the club had been trying to get through to the quarter-finals but had not succeeded. The reason that I am still in Europe and not in Argentina is because I want to win the Champions’ League. I did the “Decima” with Real Madrid, over several years, and it was an incredible source of satisfaction. I think to win it here for the first time would be unforgettable for me.

On his future:

I signed a contract extension because I wanted to be here. Because I want to win the Champions’ League here. That was my objective when I came here. This year I was free, I could have gone to any club that I wanted, I had other offers, I could have joined some very big clubs. But very soon we will achieve this objective.


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