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Antoine Griezmann’s sister Maud addresses speculation: “If there is a club that we’re in contact with, it’s Atletico Madrid.”

Speaking to L’Équipe, French international attacker Antoine Griezmann’s sister and representative Maud denied discussions with FC Barcelona.

“It is tiring everyday to read new things about what my brother thinks and what x or y person said about what he thinks. The only people who look after my the interests of my brother are myself and my father, Alain, and our lawyer, Sevan Karian. Antoine is this week with the French national team, whose shirt he wants to honour, like every moment that he is selected, and for the moment that is the only thing that he is thinking about.”

“It is true that Antoine is devastated (about being eliminated from the Champions’ League), because one of his objectives behind staying at Atletico was to win the Champions’ League in their stadium.”

“We will sit down altogether when he returns. Antoine will have had the necessary time to reflect. And the only club that we are in contact with at the moment is Atletico Madrid and no other.”


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