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Arsène Wenger on his future: “I miss competition.”

Speaking at a charity event Q&A at the Olympia music hall in Paris on Monday night, Arsène Wenger discussed his future.

“Today, I miss the competition and at the same time, I want to spend time with the people that I love. My managerial career completely absorbed me. Even when I was physically close to my loved ones, I was not completely there… I could have become the French national team manager. I was offered the job multiple times. But I was happy with my work as a manager. Today, France is in very good hands, Deschamps does very good work and there is no reason for that to change.”

“Aside from that, I do not know at all if one day I will come to PSG. PSG have a super team, but they are struggling with a Champions’ League hoodoo. They still need to get over that next obstacle. But they will get there one day. You have to give them time, but we must realise that, this year, there is an exacerbating impatience on the part of the supporters.”


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