Arsène Wenger speaks highly of Thomas Tuchel: “I like him a lot, his character, his honesty.”

Speaking in an interview with BeIN Sports FR, Arsène Wenger reserved praise for PSG manager Thomas Tuchel.

“The real turning point last year was the match against Manchester United. When you are in that situation there and the principal aim is not reached, it is very difficult to reignite the flame. I understand why they suffered towards the end of the season, it was logical. Now, at the beginning of this season, I feel like he has won back the team. The team is on the right path. The victory against Real Madrid was a decisive turning point for him. I think that he is on a good path this season. I like him a lot, I like his character, his honesty. Aside from that, our job is not a question of love, it is overarchingly a question of results. He has the tools this year to express himself.”


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