Barcelona fail to make progress in Neymar deal after a day of negotiations

RMC report this evening that Barcelona have failed to make progress in their attempts to sign Brazilian attacker Neymar from PSG despite a day full of face-to-face negotiations in Paris.

Barcelona sent Éric Abidal and Javier Bordas to negotiate in Paris with Leonardo today, but they repeated a similar offer to what was on the table last week: a low cash amount and Philippe Coutinho.

The Catalan club then listened to PSG’s position and remain resolute in their attempts to sign him by including one or two players in the transaction.

Les Parisiens instead reminded their Spanish counterparts that they want a big amount in cash, far from what is currently being proposed by the Catalan side. The Brazilian himself continues to negotiate a salary with Barcelona.

Speculation that indicated that Philippe Coutinho was also in Paris to negotiate a possible transfer in the other direction is false.




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