Blaise Matuidi on his mythical Valentines Day post: “Matuidi wife.”

Speaking in an extensive interview with RMC Sport, French international midfielder Blaise Matuidi discussed his mythical Twitter Valentines Day post from 2017.

“We had just beaten Barcelona, 4-0, and I was so euphoric that I forgot to wish a Happy Valentines Day to my wife. A friend of mine said to me: “Blaise, you forgot to wish Happy Valentines Day to your wife.” I said to myself I need to do something. And so, I do a screenshot. I minimised the photo, but on Twitter when you minimise a photo and click on it on Twitter, you see everything. And you see “Matuidi wife.” Because on my telephone I didn’t have any photos. It was a new phone, so I didn’t have any photos of her yet.”

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