Blaise Matuidi on racist abuse in Cagliari: “This is not the world that I want my children to see.”

Speaking in an interview with Canal Football Club, Juventus midfielder Blaise Matuidi discussed the instance of racism that he and Moise Kean were subjected to earlier this week against Cagliari.

“Upon some balls that we received, at certain points, there were monkey imitation noises. I remember two times especially where Moise (Kean) found himself in front of their goalkeeper, before the goal, which is important to clarify as well. That is why Moise had this reaction when he scored, to say that he did not understand, with his arms wide open like that. I think that his celebration wanted to say: “that is football”. Immediately after that, things intensified, there were more and more. Sadly, it went on until the end. For me these are stupid people, who have no place in football stadiums, they simply must be punished and never allowed in a football stadium again… This is not the world that I want my children to see.”

“We cannot ignore this, we must fight it. We can no longer hear that (monkey noises), no longer be scared, we have to be courageous and fight that. I have the impression that at the time the referee did not take the right decision. The decision he should have taken, was to stop the game. Aside from that, I had a discussion with him on the pitch, it was important, because he was open about it, that is good.”


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