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Bordeaux attacker Samuel Kalu’s mother reportedly kidnapped by gunman

The Nigerian Guardian are reporting that 21-year-old Bordeaux attacker Samuel Kalu’s mother has been kidnapped by gunmen, who were initially asking for approximately €120,000 as a ransom.

The outlet claims that Mrs Kalu was driving her children in the city of Aba when unidentifiable gunmen blocked her vehicle, instructed her children to get out of the car and then took their mother with them to an undisclosed location.

The gunmen initially placed a 50 million Naira bounty on Kalu’s mother’s head, but have since upped their demands because they believe they can extract more from the Ligue 1 player.

The family has been negotiating with the kidnappers for a week.

Samuel Kalu has since spoken to SportingLife.ng:

“Please help me beg them to release my mother because my ambition is to do everything within my powers and capabilities to help the Super Eagles win the forthcoming  2019 Africa Cup of Nations. My mother was kidnapped on Wednesday 27th of last month, February, when she was going back home. The kidnappers asked for the ransom of N3 million the first time which was given to them and assured us that they will release her. We waited the whole night we did not see her. The next morning they called again that they want more money that the money was being given to another person. Now they are asking for the ransom of N15 million.”


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