Bored at half-time? Football Games to Keep You Entertained?

Waiting for the second half of a football game to start can sometimes feel like an eternity. Thankfully, the digital age can help you to cure your half-time boredom. There are many different football games that you can play on your phone or another mobile device. Indeed, there are so many that it may be challenging to know which ones are the best. However, help is at hand. Here is a look at five of the best football games that will keep you entertained.

FIFA Mobile

EA SPORTS’ well-known FIFA series of football video games is the largest sports video games franchise on earth. The various games in the FIFA series allow you to play with the most famous players, clubs and leagues in the world. With incredible realism and attention to detail, you can feel as though you are actually on the pitch. Furthermore, you can now play at half time when you attend matches thanks to FIFA Mobile. This exciting football game comes with many features. With Attack Mode, you can play against FIFA Mobile players from all around the world. There are also Live and Flash Events in which you can receive rewards. Furthermore, FIFA Mobile features content that relates to football events that are happening in real-time.

Football Star

If you want to experience the thrill of being a player in a football match, there are several casino football slot games you can choose to play. Football Star is an excellent footie slot game that has a lot of exciting game features, such as Stacked Wilds and free spins. Furthermore, every time you win, the Rolling Reel feature changes, which allows you to win over and over. Casino football games are not just about gambling though. With games like Football Star, you can also feel the rush of scoring a goal and hearing the crowd cheer.

Football Strike

Football Strike is one of the best free football games to play on a mobile device. It features fast and simple gameplay and provides hours of endless footballing fun. You can engage with multiplayer free-kick face-offs with your friends, take turns as the goalkeeper and the striker in the Free Kick mode and customise your settings. Additionally, you can earn points when you hit targets in the Shooting Race mode. Another great feature of the Football Strike game is its Career mode. That allows you to travel through worldwide football stadiums to take on challenges and earn medals. With a little practice, you could become as good as Lionel Messi. 


Although some players may be put off this football management game due to its lack of flashy visuals, it continues to be one of the most popular management games available. It features an extraordinarily in-depth and strategical gameplay engine, which allows you to build your club and manage your resources like a professional football club manager. You can also compete against other online users who are playing the game. It can take a while to succeed at Hattrick, but that makes the game even more fun. Hattrick is a challenging game that allows you to find out if you have what it takes to manage a team well enough to get them to the cup. 

Score! Hero

If you prefer a little more action than a football management game can offer, Score! Hero will provide you with the excitement you want. The premise of this football game is simple. You get to take on the role of an up and coming footballer. It is your mission to score goals for your team. You can achieve this with just a few swipes of your mobile device’s screen. The video game may seem relatively easy at the beginning, but the more you progress through the levels, the more challenging you will find the game. Score! Hero features impressive visual graphics as well as an engaging story. There are also various tactical approaches you can use for each gameplay scenario, which means you will not get easily bored when you play this game during half-time.


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