Brest captain Mathias Autret unconvinced about stopping matches over homophobic chanting

Speaking to RMC last night, Ligue 1 newly promoted club Brest’s captain Mathias Autret admitted that he was unconvinced about the LFP’s new policy of stopping matches during which fans produce homophobic chants from the stands.

“I am not convinced that this is the right solution. They’ll do as they please. If they want to stop the match for that, they are going to be stopping matches every weekend. Are we going to stop people from chanting? That’s impossible. Aside from that, if they want to stop the match, good good. Maybe they are right to do so, I don’t really know. But I am not convinced that it is going to work. They are going to chant something else instead as well, but if this annoys them, then they are just going to continue. If this happens at the Vélodrome (Marseille) I am not sure they can stop the game because the fans will react by continuing. The referee was talking to me about possible sanctions for clubs. I don’t know how that would work but in any case I cannot stop the kop from chanting whatever they want. I am not for it, if they could avoid the obscenities I would be for it, notably for the children. That would be great. But this is not how you change the culture in stadiums.”

This comes after Brest’s clash with Reims last night was momentarily paused because of homophobic chanting.

Angers fans during their match vs Metz yesterday ridiculed the new attempts by officials with a banner.


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