Bruno Génésio reacts to 5-1 thumping courtesy of Barcelona: “We intended to play with a high block…”

Speaking to RMC following the 5-1 defeat at the Nou Camp last night to Barcelona which resulted in his side’s exit from this season’s Champions’ League, Lyon boss Bruno Génésio defended his tactical tweaks.

“It was the quality of Barcelona that made the difference. We intended to play with a high block, by advancing (pressing), but sadly the technical quality and the opposing team did not allow us to do it. Whenever you fail to pick up anything over the course of two legs, you of course question the tactical system and the starting XI chosen. I think that our system was well-adapted to face them, but we surrendered play way too much in the first half… Regrets, no, but questions, certainly.”

“I think that there were two quite different halves, the first one during which we suffered quite a lot under Barcelona’s press, and the second where we were more present in the game. We managed to score, and we felt that Barcelona were doubting themselves for a quarter of an hour. But their 3rd closed the debate.”



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