Christopher Jullien: “Celtic are a mythical club.”

Speaking in an interview with L’Équipe earlier this week, Celtic’s new French central defender Christopher Jullien discussed the move – highlights.

What do you take from your time at Toulouse (2016-2019)?

I arrived on tip-toes in Ligue 1, and in my first year. I am truly very happy with what I did. The second and third years, I am not satisfied with the image that I projected of myself. At the end of it all, it is a mixed bag, even if I finished well in the final months. I lacked consistency. The fact that I did not give everything that I was capable of is a source of dissatisfaction. I did not bring to Toulouse what I should have. As a collective, it was difficult as well. The club must be in the top 10 in Ligue 1. We didn’t achieve that. The squad last season was the best squad I had played in at Toulouse, and we still didn’t manage it.

Do you feel like your time at Toulouse was a missed opportunity in terms of progression?

No, I don’t think so. Each challenge is another stage. What I experienced at Toulouse will help me progress. But it was the right time to leave. At my age, for my progression, with a desire to reach my peak, I had to go elsewhere. With the aim of winning trophies.

What is Celtic going to give you?

A superior stage. The choice was simple. This is a mythical club, with an incredible atmosphere. They play in the Champions’ League and a have a league that resembles the Premier League.

Your arrival in Celtic was met with a lot of enthusiasm in Scotland – how does it feel to be a star?

(laughs) I realised that immediately I would be recognised. They are the best fans in Europe. It will be up to me to meet their expectations. It is a beautiful challenge.


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