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Claude Puel advises PSG on how to overcome Manchester United: “A 3-5-2 seems like a solid option.”

In an interview in Le Parisien, Leicester City manager Claude Puel was asked earlier this week about how he believes PSG can beat Manchester United in the Champions’ League.

“Manchester United are back to the top level and PSG have problems in midfield to set-up their game with greater panache and solid construction. The problem for PSG at the moment, is they have a midfielder who does not hold onto the ball enough and does to win it back quickly enough. The absence of Verratti and Rabiot has really hurt them. PSG have lost control. Without Neymar, without the relationship between Neymar and Mbappé, the team is in greater difficulty. Getting Verratti back will be very important. PSG can play with Verratti, Marquinhos and Di Maria in the midfield in a sector where there are not other players. They would need Rabiot. I do not know how PSG will play but a 3-5-2 seems to me to be the most solid.”



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