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Coup d’état at Caen fails for Rolland Courbis

Caen have produced an extraordinary press release this evening condemning an advisor to coach Fabien Mercadal, Rolland Courbis, for announcing in a press conference today that he had de facto taken control of the club.

“If before, I had 90% of the responsibilities, today I have 100% of them. It is an agreement that was made when I arrived. At the beginning, I did not know the players well enough to be able to help the club. We looked at the calendar, we viewed the international break and we agreed that after that pause, I would take control of the pre-match press conferences… Until the 38th game-week, I am in charge.

But less than a day later, Courbis was forced to retract comments in the Normandy side’s press release:

“I continue to say that I have joined with Fabien to help him. We will take all the decisions with the agreement of the staff and they have brought me up to speed quickly in my mission. It was a mistake on my part to want to give details when I have the same role as I have had since I arrived. I have got to know the players and the club.”

Although not a full retraction from the former Montpellier manager and RMC pundit, the 20th placed Ligue 1 side made it clear in their own words:

“Fabien Mercadal and Rolland Courbis have formed a duo and will take decisions together until the end of the season like has been the case for a month and a half… The club would like to make it clear that Fabien Mercadal is the number one manager of the 1st team.”

The only thing clear, is that Caen are in crisis.


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