Cristiano Ronaldo: “At 19-20, I understood that football was numbers, titles & records.”

Speaking in an interview with France Football, 34-year-old Juventus attacker Cristiano Ronaldo explained his view on football.

“At 19-20, I understood that football was about numbers, titles and records. Not just about performances on the pitch or dribbles. If you want to succeed at winning something, you need to score. Scoring is the most important thing in football, after your team winning of course. But they are both linked. I therefore evolved my way of playing and thinking about football. In the beginning, I would dribble, I would put on a show with nutmegs and the like. I realised that was not sufficient. I needed to score goals. I was lucky, at Manchester United, to have great players alongside me who made me understand and helped me to improve my technique.”

On if the existence of Lionel Messi improved his level of performances when he signed for Real Madrid:

A lot of people have said that we boosted each other. That being face to face with each other in Spain helped us both to be better, perform better, which is without a doubt true. At Real, I felt his presence more than in Manchester, so there was a little more pressure. From a certain point of view, it was a healthy rivalry, mirroring that of our two clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona. I think he recently said that he missed me in terms of the competitiveness around him. Beyond that, my motivation does not depend on others. I want to be at the top permanently.

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