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Dani Alves sends message to PSG: “I know how to win… if people don’t listen, things happen.”

Speaking in an exclusive interview with RMC, Brazilian right-sided player Dani Alves discussed the fall-out from PSG’s latest Champions’ League exit at the hands of Manchester United.

“I do not like to shine my own halo but I know how to win. And I know how to lose. When I want to say something, I would like people to follow me. Not because I am worth more than someone else, that’s false, but because I have already experienced it all. When someone has already experienced it all, you should maybe listen, lean on his experience. Maybe that would work, maybe not. I would like that, when I say something, I am listened to, that I am followed because I have gone through lots of experiences and I know what will take us top the top and what will take us to the bottom. Because I have won, I have a career filled with trophies. I speak about what I have been through, what I have learnt. If people do not listen, things will happen.”



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